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REXCON system ApS

is a limited liability company founded by Jesper Sørensen and located in Denmark.

It is a development and production company, that focuses on future housing solutions based on sustainable & circular principles.  

The products are designed for permanent as well as temporary use. 

It all started this way

The founder, Jesper, is a trained carpenter and constructing architect.
Personally he is concerned about the growing imprint of
the construction industry on our planet. 
His concern triggered the establishment of the REXCON system in 2016.
Thus REXCON arose as a response to the stagnant and
liniar construction methodologies used by the industry.
Methodologies that affect our planet's environment and eco-system.
REXCON’s vision is to reduce the CO2 emissions and
waste streams of the construction industry.
REXCON’s mission is to be a leader in the development of
more sustainable and circular construction products, that
make multiple use cycles possible and leaves a minimal imprint.

REXCON’s expertise and focus lie within future residential housing solutions.


Jesper Sørensen

Founder of REXCON system

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