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Questions and Answers

How are the ReBLOCKS fixed to each


The ReBLOCKS are fixed to each other by 3 screws per ReBLOCK.

That's all it takes.

3 workflows in 1 go - What does it mean?

Each time a ReBLOCK is utilized the load bearing structure, as well as the stabilizing structure and the windblocking panel are applied to the building project. In 1 go.

Does the ReBLOCK system come with insulation material?

The ReBLOCK system does not come with insulation material.

What type of insulation material should I use?

It’s recommended to use a granulated and cellulose based insulation material. It’s characteristics ensure a breathable and healthy construction.

How do I insulate the

ReBLOCK system?

The ReBLOCK system is designed with supply holes in the top wallboard.

Consult a professional insulation company to ensure proper execution.

What sort of climate screen will I be

able to install on the ReBLOCK system?

Basicly any sort of climate screen is possible to install onto the ReBLOCK system.
Vertical full height fastening areas are available per 300 mm across the entire system.

How do I complete the internal side of the ReBLOCK system?

One option could be: (1) Apply a vapour retarder. (2) Apply distance battens >150 mm

+ technical installations and insulation. (3) Finalize with eg. gypsum boards and paint.

Why this folding ability - it seems unnecessary?

The ReBLOCKS folding ability optimizes its transportation ability meaning that a tremendous amount of wall surface can be transported at a minimal emission cost.

How tall can I build a wall of


Based on existing performance data.

It is advisable only to build one storey buildings.

Can I use the ReBLOCK system on my

own, or should I ask for professionals?

The ReBLOCK system is very simple to use. Very few trials are necessary to get hold of it. If something turns out wrong, simply dismantle it, correct and rebuild. Cost free.

Can I extend the system if I eg. wish

to add on an extension to the building?

Yes. Simply dismantle the affected section of ReBLOCKS. Extend and merge according to your plans. Make sure to reuse the dismantled ReBLOCKS at the extension.

What kind of shapes and angles will I

be able to perform within the system?

The ReBLOCK system enables you to perform 90 degree external and internal corners, window and door openings of various sizes, and walls of various heights.

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