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How to get hold of it

- the customer journey







There are a few steps to undergo
- before getting hold of a ReBLOCK system.
Here's how it's done.


In the design phase the dialogue around your project starts. Here we prepare a project proposal based on your wishes and requirements.

Alternatively, we can review your design proposal and continue working from there.

Find a guide here on how to prepare a design proposal based on the modular structure of the ReBLOCK system.

Find inspiration from other project proposals here.

When a common agreement on the project's geometry is reached, we digitize it in order to calculate the cost of it.





In this phase you will receive our project proposal of your project as well as a price for it. This is for you to review.

Our project proposal contains:
Floor and facade plans with fixed measurements and a 3D visualization of the project.

From here, we will await your approval of the project proposal and price.

The price includes:
ReBLOCK components for building your project in correspondence to the visualized project proposal.
All components flat packed and delivered on EUR pallets

to the agreed address. - Ready for you to install and build.


Upon receipt of a partial prepayment we initiate the production of ReBLOCK components for your project.

Production time depends on the extent of the project as well as other projects in line. We do our best to optimize all productions.

Early involvement prior to your project gives us the best opportunities to deliver on the desired date.


Once we have produced your order, we will pack it on

EUR pallets ready for delivery. 


On the agreed date, we will deliver the entire order

at the agreed address.


Upon delivery of your order, we must receive

any remaining arrears of the project price.


Upon registration of remaining arrears, project unique building drawings will be released and sent to your email inbox. They will make the construction phase a breeze.


With the project unique and component-numbered

floor and facade plans in hand it is a breeze to follow them and realize your project ReBLOCK by ReBLOCK.

You may find valuable building instructions here as well.

If in need of additional on-site assistance we can assist during the construction. Contact us here for further details.

Get a flying start by contacting us here.

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