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How to insulate it

- by the blow-in method

The ReBLOCK system is designed for loose fill insulation

such as wood or waper fiber insulation.

We advice ONLY to use cellulose based insulation

due to its humidity regulating capabilities

which insure a safe and sound construction

Billede 04.02.2022 15.00_edited.jpg
Paper Fiber Insulation

The blow-in method

is carried out by specially trained contractors

with specialized machinery capable of injecting the exact

amount of insulation material required for your project.

With the help of firm and flexible supply hoses the contractor can ensure the entire structure is correctly filled with insulation material.

The ReBLOCK system's top wall plate component comes with

pre-made supply holes for the injection of insulation material.

Supply hole for insulation.png

The circular capabilities of loose fill insulation​

The same machinery which placed

the loose fill insulation inside the walls at first

is also capable of removing it again.

It is done by putting the machinery in reverse and 'vacuum clean' the insulation material back up again and preserve it for later use.

This makes sense in case of a move, a rebuild, a extension or a reductions, a change in your wall openings or the like in your ReBLOCK system.  

Why waste materials you've paid for once ? - Reuse it !

Let us help you find a contractor who can insulate your project with one of the insulation materials shown.

Contact us here.

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