Where innovation unfolds in simplicity.

Innovation unfolded in its simplicity.

, Sustainable

and Circular

 wall system

a Modular

Home of the ReBLOCK

versatility in modular construction


in each block.


Block by Block.


 ReBLOCK is designed and engineered to fulfill the most common construction requirements. 

 And thereby making it a product witch is usable in most constructions.  

Established in 2016, with the objective of creating more sustainable and circular construction-solutions for the industry. 

By in house experience, well-known construction solutions were thoroughly scrutinized, rethought, recombined,  reengineered, and redesigned striving towards that goal. 

After 2 years of development and testing the company's final and patented solution saw daylight for its first time. 

The solution got named ReBLOCK based upon some of the products properties. 

The ReBLOCK is a versatile building component, meant to be used in plurality in the creation of rear-wall constructions. 

ReBLOCK is designed and engineered with sustainability and circularity as its core value, while fulfilling the most common  construction requirements in the industry. Making it the obvious choice for future rear-wall constructions.


 REXCON system