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What is it good for 

- in details.

Detailed description of our statements​​.

Resource accountability

Manufactured by FSC &
PEFC certified materials.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certifications (PEFC) are both certification schemes safeguarding a sustainable forest management. Monitoring the supply chain from the seed in the soil to the fully grown tree and to the end product at the retailer. 

Super high material utilization
in manufacturing.

Through very thorough planning, we have managed to manufacture the vast majority of our components in an almost perfect jigsaw kind of way giving us a minimum of production waste and a super high material utilization. This being as well financially as environmentally beneficial for the customer's project.

Reduced emissions

Minimal transport

volume from A - Z

Among the ReBLOCK system's key features is its transportation capabilities.  

Being able to transport 22,7 sqm of wall system on a single euro pallet tremendously reduces emission cost compared to truckloads of prefabricated wall elements.

Both in its first, second and third etc. life cycle. The capability is unchanged regardless of its frequency of use.

Minimal operational
thermal conductivity.

Less conductivity = less operating costs.


With an insulation interrupting cross sectional area of only 1.9 % per sqm, ReBLOCK is among the absolute best. In traditional designs the cross sectional interrupting area is typically 7.5-11% per sqm.

System simplicity

Ready to install at delivery.

All orders are packed specifically for your project needs. Simply grab the system components straight from the pallet and start building your project.
All necessary screws and the like are delivered with the system.

3 workflows in 1 go.

Each time a ReBLOCK is utilized, the load bearing structure as well as the stabilizing structure and the wind blocking panel are applied to the building project. Just in 1 go. Super efficient way of building.

Fast assembly time.

The ReBLOCK system has an indicative building pace of 12 square meters per man hour. Combined with the 3 workflows in 1 go, it provides a very effective way to build.

No system adaptions
requried on site.

No system components are to be formed or cut before use except the bottom and top wall plate components, as well as the side panels for window openings.

Add a 'Pre-cut' option and we'll do it for you before delivery.
Alternatively, follow the installation guide and let the pre made markings provided on the components guide you to make the required cuts yourself.

Buildable by hand tools.

A battery powered screwdriver is the most advanced tool you need. You might also find a spirit level, a small hammer and a hand saw handy during construction. These are all the tools it takes to raise the ReBLOCK system.

Work environment

No heavy lifting equipment
required on site.

Due to the low weight of the system components there is no need for heavy lifting equipment on the construction site beneficial for the project's economy, emission cost, work environment and the general safety on site.

Worksite free of noise and cutting dust.

By using the pre cut option, you avoid polluting the construction site with unnecessary cutting noise and cutting dust for the benefit of everyone on the site.


Designed for disassembly
& reuse.

All system components are mechanically linked together giving you the opportunity to disassemble and reuse all of them again and again.
A recycling cycle which requires no processing of the dismantled components.
They are simply ready to be reused directly from one project to the other.

Unlock it and flat pack it
- again and again.

Unlocking the locking mechanism inside the ReBLOCK components 
will loosen up the framing, and make it possible to flat pack the components again. By doing so the system components will obtain the same voluminous properties they had on delivery. At the same time it will ease up the components next storage and transportation cycles.

Reuse the ReBLOCK in
new / different projects.

A key feature of the ReBLOCK system is its flexibility.
The flexibility of the system allows the modular component design to be incorporated in multiple project types. Components used in eg. a housing project will fit directly into eg. an extension or a garage project at a later reuse cycle giving the ReBLOCK system circular benefits both material wise and financially.

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