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What is under development ?

It's no secret that we are constantly working to improve our current product line and develop new ones.

Everything we develop, works together with our existing systems.
But can also be used as standalone systems.






ReDECK - A modular flooring system.

ReDECK is being developed as a load bearing, elevated and modular flooring system.

Which is to be installed on top of an array of pile foundations (not included).

When built up, the ReDECK system will operate as a elevated sub-floor ready to be filled with loose fill insulation through pre-made holes in the sub-flooring.

The ReDECK's exterior side (underneath) is cladded and finalized in such a way, that it can operate as the floor structures final and exterior surface, towards any outside exposures.

The ReDECK's interior side (sub-floor top surface) is cladded with a load bearing wooden board which function as a subflooring for a top-flooring of your choice. 

ReBEAM - A modular beam system.

ReBEAM is being developed as a load bearing, modular beam system.

Which is to be installed in plurality on top of a wall, and there act as a substructure for eg. a roof.

When built up and enclosed the ReBEAM system creates a cavity fit to be filled with loose fill insulation.

The cavity created by the ReBEAM will also be ideal for taking major supply installations across a project. 

The ReBEAM system may be suitable for the creation of both inclined as well as flat roofing structures.

ReBLOCK SP - An interior wall system.

ReBLOCK SP is short for ReBLOCK Space, which reffers to the spaces it helps create -

it is being developed as a flexible, lightweigt, free standing and modular wall system, for interior usaged.

It is to be used for creation of smaller spaces in open areas.

When built up, the ReBLOCK SP system operates as a free standing system independent of support points.

The ReBLOCK SP systems surfaces can be cladded with any type of decorative surface

in coherence of its surroundings.

ReSKIN - An exterior cladding system.

ReSKIN is being developed as a modular cladding system.

One that is rigid and durable enough to withstand nordic weather conditions.

When built up, the ReSKIN system operates as a ventilated outer SKIN of a building e.g. 

directly onto the ReBLOCK system.

The ReSKIN system will be manufactured using re- or upcycled resources and made in a

aray of shapes and colours. For you to mix up, rearrange, and reuse across projects.

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